Koroszczyn Car Terminal
In the years 1996–1998 the Koroszczyn Car Terminal investment was carried out. The facility was built as part of a public-private partnership. In 1999, the building was awarded the title of Construction of the Year.
The terminal is located in Koroszczyn on the main communication route in Europe, the so-called pan-European transport corridor, from Berlin through Warsaw, Minsk to Moscow and forms, together with a secured and illuminated customs road, the territory of the Kukuryki / Kozłowicze border crossing on the Polish-Belarusian border.

The terminal has been equipped with a set of functional facilities for the needs of border guards, customs services, sanitary and phytosanitary services as well as commercial facilities – working for checked goods, vehicles and people. The terminal is divided into commercial and customs part.
The commercial part is owned by Polskie Konsorcjum Gospodarcze Spółka Akcyjna.
The commercial part includes a building with an area of ​​6.4 thousand m² and 18.6 ha of investment areas. The whole area is surrounded from the north by road No. 68, and from the south by the arch of the planned A-2 motorway. The motorway exits are designed so that entering the terminal is not difficult.
The multifunctional facility belonging to PKG SA houses:
Customs and forwarding agencies
Banking agency and money exchange
Food and industrial market
Convenience stores (jeweler, drugstore, automotive)
The Koroszczyn Car Terminal is open to the public 24/7..
Investment Areas
Polskie Konsorcjum Gospodarcze S.A. is the owner of land properties located around the Car Terminal in Koroszczyn.
INDEX AREA (ha) comments
TSK 1 1,3  
TSK 2 3,3  
TSK 3 1,6  
TSK 4 2,8  
TSK 5 6,4
TSK 6 3,2
The plots are intended for commercial and service buildings. We cordially invite you to cooperation.